My Day In Columbia MO

I have often wanted to return Columbia again after our family visited a local college. She chose another University, but we loved the city. It struck us a perfect blend of small-town and big city. Recently, I spent a wonderful day exploring the city.

I first went to the Columbia chamber of commerce to find out what there was to do in the city. The Visitors bureau recommended the mile long nature trail at the 3M Flat Branch-Hinkson Creek Wetlands.

I spent a leisurely afternoon on the trail as well as walking around the wetlands. The grounds were lush and green. On the trail, my only concern was looking out for the occasional bicyclist. The trail was well-kept up and there were occasional benches scattered along the side of the trail for those wishing to take a brief respite from their walk.

Generally, it was quiet except for the birds! There were many, many birds in fact and it seemed that they were drawn to life in the water. I spent some time watching as birds landed on the edge of a patch of water. They dipped their beaks into the water. After finding food, they flew off to leave other birds to repeat the process.

All in all, a relaxing afternoon! The Columbia wetlands are well worth your time.


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